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Cremation Jewelry

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Elegant Cremation Jewelry for ashes are the superior way of holding ashes of the cremated one, close to your heart by means of preserving the last remains of funeral ashes by insertion into Funeral Jewelry Urn. The Memorial ashes Jewelry are present in various styles such as heart shaped, Celtic Cross with centred heart, engraved footprints and more, to bring enriched grounds of happiness to symbolise the presence with you and walk along with you towards the growth & happiness. The Elegant Jewelry are made more astonishing with the presence of selected metal and hand designed engravings of the Jewelry urn which define the nature of engraving to present the requirement of the need.

The engraved cremation ashes Jewelry urn has a simple chain presence which can be easily usable for cremated ashes and easy to clean. The chain makes a great presence to decorate the Jewelry pendant which has a preservable storage space to occupy ashes of the cremated. The Jewelry urn pendants are beautifully engraved with screw threaded open layer for insertion of loved ones ashes in the loved Jewelry ashes urn pendant and secure them in close to your heart. The pendant cremation urns are featured to dad, mom, pets or any.

The Jewelry urns are also used to present or remind the memories of pet which used to cuddle up and make you happy. The pet jewelry urns are printed with foot in heart pendant or engraved footprint.

The Jewelry pendant is hooked up with chain which has good length to decorate your neck in an elegant and simple presence as the pendant measures less weight easy to carry which makes you feel lite. The pendant urns are capable of holding approximately 1 cubic inch of ashes.