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Keepsake Urns

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Keepsake urns are becoming very popular these days. Basically, keepsake urns are small urns that are used to share or remember a loved one’s cremains. They are also considered to be mini versions of adult cremations urns.

Keepsake brass urns are one of the most common urns. These urns are tiny, light and cute and have their own unique design and shape.

Commonly, people keep an adult urn at a designated place in the house and then use keepsake brass urns to keep a small part of the ashes in keepsake urns to share with close family members. The major advantage of a keepsake brass urn is that it can be carried anywhere with ease. That way, one can always have the urn close to you, physically as well as emotionally.

Often times, people also use brass keepsake urns to divide and scatter cremains at places associated with the deceased. It could be anyplace like the loved one’s favorite place, hometown or a memorable vacation spot.

These days a lot of people prefer not to buy a larger urn. They simply divide the ashes amongst family and friends in small keepsake brass urns. Keepsake urns are as special and unique as your beloved. When you are looking to buy one, ensure that it represents the spirit of your loved one.