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Awareness Memorial Urns

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As we know with the change in our lifestyles, the memorial industry has given a rise of a new trend called CREMATION URNS or memorial urns. Instead of following the old funeral traditions, whatever you may say about the reason behind it like lack of space, money etc., we have started following the cremation rituals and have started the preserving the precious memories of our loved ones in the urns. Today, this has taken a further step that is in the form of AWARENESS MEMORIAL URNS.

Awareness memorial urns are the urns in the honor of the memory of your loved ones who died due to some particular reason or disease and we want to bring that awareness among others about that disease or reason. Like this there are many urns available with ribbon designs on them. They could be pink, silver, tea light etc. in color symbolizing that lady is dead of breast cancer. With this you could honor the memories of that lady as well as you could let people know about this disease. You could aware people about this disease so that they could know about the disease. This may help at least one or two to be aware and get the proper cure at the right stage.

In this way, the death on the loved one could bring such a wonderful meaning and could atleast save one`s life. These awareness memorial urns will soon be a new trend to bring awareness among people in many ways also. It is just a thought that there could be patriotism based urns to make people aware about the sacrifice of the soldiers. These urns will help the young ones in the family to grow with some morals and values in their lives.

Unique Memorial Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Unique Memorial Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Death is often called the conclusion or summation of life, but a unique and creative memorial idea is truly a conclusion of a beautiful death. If you ever thought that you would give your loved one a farewell that will be cherished for a long time, then these memorial ideas will definitely assist you in achieving what you have always wanted for your loved ones.

A memorial card is often a thoughtful and humble gift for the funeral and can be customized with your own message so that you can express your deepest feelings for your loved one. Some other funeral gifts which are equally suave are funeral memorabilia like collages, framed photographs, customized candle vases, cremation urns, pendants, seedlings with messages, table clock, memory stones and even memory cards that you can put up on a memory tree, each one containing a message from a close friend or relative. The memory tree is a very creative idea, which can look pretty in your house and at the same time be a family heritage for generations to come.

If you do not prefer gifts and cards at a funeral but still want to gift the family of the deceased something they can cherish for a very long time then cremation urns are the perfect choice for the occasion. There is an entire world of cremation urn designs and there are more chances you will stumble upon a design you like. Although there are wooden urns, fine metal urns, stone urns and even personalized urns, ceramic urns make the best gifts because they are popular and no two ceramic urns made are of exactly the same shape, making your memorial idea truly unique. Your memorial idea should be as unique as your character and the cremation urns is the most unique idea of a funeral gift.

How to Handle a Pet Remains

How to Handle a Pet Remains

Losing one’s pet can be a deeply emotional event in your life especially if your pet had shared a substantial part of your life with you. The mere sight of your deceased pet can be overwhelming and stressful but before you break down you have to make sure that your pet’s remains are laid to rest where they should rightfully be.

No matter when your pet passed away you should always wear gloves to handle it, especially if it died just few hours ago or may be the night before. Arrange for a plastic bag which should be big enough for it. Close the bag and you should immediately arrange for an animal cremation service or arrange to have it buried yourself. Most cities have a pet cemetery where you can enquire for a burial if you do not have a backyard or a garden maybe. If it is a small pet such as a fish then the garden would suffice but large pets should be ideally buried in backyard gardens. You should consider these, if you are planning to bury it anyway.

Choose a spot which is less frequented by other animals. Dig a deep hole, at least 3 feet in depth. Place the plastic bag in a box, if possible, in a wooden box and bury it. You should not forget to mark the spot so that humans as well as animals would avoid the place. Put a stone on top of the burial spot to mark the spot as well as secure it.

If you cannot do the task of performing the burial then you should consider the pet cremation services who will do all the work for you with care, so that the last memories of your pet stay as fond memories in your heart.

Cremation Urns as Gifts?

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Cremation Urns as Gifts

Cremation Urns As Gifts

The very idea of bidding farewell to your loved one can be the most difficult part you will face at the funeral. Choosing the right gift for the occasion can also be a challenging task if you are clueless about what is the right gift for a funeral. Although you have a plethora of options before you like memorial cards, jewelry, candles, memory trees and even memorial seedlings that you can plant in your loved one’s memory, but cremation urns are a fresh concept in memorial gifts which will not disappoint you. Cremation urns preserve the only memory left of your loved ones for the years to come and for generations to come in a stylish yet exquisite way.

If you are not convinced whether you should really consider cremation urns as your funeral gift, then you should explore various designs available for memorial urns. You can opt for a wooden carved piece, or a ceramic one, even a fine metal or a stone urn. You have the option of choosing either a scattering urn or a keepsake cremation urn for those who want the memory of their loved one to stay with them forever.

The options do not end here because if you are unhappy with the selection of types, designs or material then you can always order a personalized cremation urn. You can have it personalized with messages or designs including urns in the shape of popular celebrities like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Going a step further you can also get the urn personalized as a life-like statue of your loved one’s. Thus, your options are endless if you consider the idea of a cremation urn at your loved one’s funeral to express your memorial idea.

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Death is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. Yet some of us are left helpless and ineffective at the death of a closed one. A funeral service or scattering ceremony is a decision that is personal and differs from individual ideas, feelings and beliefs. Cremation urns always help to save the memories of your loved and dear ones. Nowadays, personal urns are an exciting way to memorialize your dear ones. An urn is a container that is used to hold the cremated remains of the deceased.

A lot of thought goes into the cremation urn that you select as they are available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Select one to suit the personality, passion and taste of the departed. In fact, it is the perfect opportunity to match the personality of the loved one and also consider including personal items of the loved ones like wallets, rings, cards, photos, etc.

Furthermore, depending upon the memorial setting, select the material of the urn. For an interior setting, wood, marble and glass would be preferable while for an outdoor décor, bronze and steel are better options.

As far as the size is concerned, the general rule of thumb is for every pound of a person’s total weight, 1 cubic inch of space is needed but even sparingly large sized individuals usually fit in a 200 cubic inch urn. The sizes of these cremation urns vary from 50 to 200 cubic inches.

Urns have also become more creative and are no more the traditional round or square shaped ones. Rather they are unique and correspond to traits and tastes of the loved one. Many people now keep a small portion of the cremains at home in beautiful keepsake jewelry or souvenir charms. Others still prefer to scatter the cremains of the dear ones at their favorite sites or those that hold a special meaning to the family. A variety of urns made from water dissolvable materials that are environmentally friendly for sea burials are also available. Additionally, bio-degradable urns made from sand are perfect for earth friendly scattering.

No matter what style you decide, ultimately it is personalization that is important. This can be done by engravings and elegant inscriptions along with personal messages or pictures of the departed on the urn. To conclude, urns are a personal way to construct a tribute to the deceased and what could be better than personalization that is special and meaningful.

Memorial Urns

Memorial Urns

It is never too easy to say good bye to a loved one, and very few people in the world are able to really forget their loved ones whom they have lost forever. While it might be next to impossible to do so, there are ways to ensure that people can keep the memories of a dear loved one they lost within the house – memorial urns. The basic concept of memorial urns has been around forever, but now they are available in various styles, sizes, designs and themes, making it possible to keep them around in the house, without adding anything stark to the house décor.

Memorial urns are used to store the ashes of people after their cremation and are practical when members of the family have different residences. Each family member living in a different household can store them as a memory of their dear loved ones in their houses.

Along with the materials, designs and other aspects, memorial urns that cater to various themes are available too. For example, the couple memorial urns are a set of exactly similar urns that are used by families to create memories of a loved couple that has passed away into the other world. Gender as well as age specific urns are also available, for families who would like to create a more personal memory of the person that has passed away.

Today, there are several websites and online stores that sell such urns, making it simpler for families to go through the various kinds of urns, including colors and designs that are available. Families can also opt for personalized urns, which can have a photograph or an imagery that would be a perfect addition to the concept of a memorial urn for a loved one. Apart from imagery, families can personalize the design and build of the memorial urn too.

We all decorate our homes with things that reveal something about us. Anyone visiting our home would usually come to know about our hobbies, lifestyle, interest, profession etc. The same is possible for cremation urns also. You can get them personalized to reflect the personality of the deceased and keep the memories alive. There are many ways in which you can personalize the urn. For cremation urns of most materials, engraving text and images is possible. Other options include having a photo frame cremation urn and having it made in a different shape.

If there is something the deceased always said, you can have it engraved on the urn. Or you can write a few words in his or her memory. Name plates can be used for materials that do not support engraving. You can get cremation urns made in the form of show pieces as well. If you are using the urn to keep the remains of a pet, you may like to get the urn in the shape of the pet animal like a dog, cat or a bird.

It is also possible to get the cremation urn in the shape of the face of the deceased. Though it may or may not be the preferred option though. It can make it difficult for you to let go or it can make you feel their presence in your home to give you strength. Make sure you make your decisions based on your own needs rather than going with the trends. If you have any personal belonging of the deceased, you can also get it placed on the cremation urn. Making cremation urns at home is also a good idea and making clay or wooden urns is quite simple. You can also buy a simple urn and decorate it yourself to give it a personal touch.

How to Select the Right Size Cremation Urn

How to Select the Right Size Cremation Urn

Choosing a cremation urn is a personal decision dependent on many different factors. However, what is confusing is to select the correct urn size as cremation urns come in different sizes varying on the personal need.

A single person’s ashes can fit into the standard sized urn or individual sized urn. As per the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), the standard size of a cremation urn is 200 cubic inches and this size is able to hold the largest of adults.

Approximate urn size required can be estimated using the industry standard. The common criterion used is for every pound of the body weight of the deceased, a cubic inch would be required in the cremation urn. A 1 to 1 ratio of weight to size will ensure the right sized urn is purchased.

The quantity of cremated remains depend upon various reasons like the cremation process, bone structure of the deceased , skeletal size and/or temperature disparities inside the cremation chamber. Thus, to be safe it is always a good idea to select an urn that is slightly larger than the required size.

Apart from the individual urns, companion urns (400 – 600 cubic inches) to hold cremation remains of upto two people are also available. Child and infant cremation urns can hold from 20 to 100 cubic inches of ashes. At times, the family members or close friends decide to split and keep a portion of the ashes each as a memorabilia. For this purpose, sharing urns or smaller sized urns (50 – 100 cubic inches) or keepsake urns (1 – 20 cubic inches) are used.

Do consider the above points while choosing the right size for the cremation urn.

Cremation Urns Ashes

Cremation Urns Ashes

As it is the last act for your loved one, be gentle while buying cremation urn as many factors are required to be considered before selecting a cremation urn for ashes. Here are few factors to help you choose the right urn to memorialize the deceased.

Budget: By ascertaining a budget for the urn, the selection of available options would also reduce.

Style: Be gentle while buying cremation urns and research to find appropriate style that complements the deceased’s personality or likings. Traditional urns are made of metal, stone, ceramic, wood or glass. However, you are not bounded to stick to this. In fact, today’s urns can be personalized and custom-designed to ensure uniqueness and creativity. It is also possible to personalize the urn by engraving special thoughts on it.

Resting Place: Another factor to consider is the resting place of the ashes. Choose an urn made of glass, crystal or any decorative material if you plan to display it at your house. If you plan to bury the urn, it is a good idea to buy something more durable. Nowadays, urns made of bio-degradable materials like bamboo, newsprint, paper clay and cornstarch are also available for effective burial in soil or water.

Size: As a general rule, for every pound of weight of the deceased, one cubic inch of space is required. It is always better to select a larger option. Standard sized urns can hold upto 200-cubic inches of ashes while smaller sized urns can hold from one-teaspoon to 50-cubic inches. If still in doubt do consult the crematorium.

Hence be gentle while buying cremation urns, and not to make hasty decisions. With all the options available, you are surely to find one that suits your taste and budget.

Grieving As Part of a Family

Grieving As Part of a Family

Death is inevitable and the loss of a family member arouses many different emotions like depression, fear, numbness, guilt loneliness, anxiousness, exhaustion, confusion, and anger. The loss of a family member is a catastrophic experience and can pose extensive challenges. Grieving for a family member is painful but necessary too as it helps to heal.

When a family member passes away, a family undergoes a process called role re-organization as the family needs to gain back the balance that was lost with the family members life. While the family is busy re-balancing the family system, in addition to each of the family members that are affected, individual relationships that exist within the family are also affected. Moreover, responsibilities and roles are reassigned to reinstate constancy after the death.

It is important to understand grief and how it could be conquered to help rest of the family members. Everyone grieves differently as it is nothing less than an emotional roller coaster. Extreme emotions can be experienced with unpredictable highs and setbacks. While some people get over the grief with passage of time, some may take months and years to get over it. It is important not to pressure the bereaved family members to move on as this may only slower the process.

Grieving for a family member may take some time to get over. However, certain steps might help the bereaved family members to get over it quicker. It is important to talk and share experiences and feelings with close friends and family members. Do not isolate yourself from all as it would only upset your support system. Moreover, no matter how difficult you find it, the virtue of patience should not be ignored.

Grieving is always helpful as one does not feel isolated and indicates that he/she is not alone and has someone to lean upon during the grieving process. It is very important to support each other and be there for each other to help cope with the pain. It is also important to be strong. If the ‘multiplier effect’ exists in your family, it can get difficult. This is because when one member grieves, it triggers the grief of another making the situation more intense and difficult to handle.

You may experience a range of feelings after the death of a family member. Learn to accept them as they are normal. Eat well, exercise and get lots of rest to get through each day and move on. It is also a good idea to help others as this has an added benefit of giving you the feel good factor. Celebrate the life of your deceased family member by keeping memories alive by framing photographs of fun times, donating to a favorite charity, planting a tree in the deceased’s name, etc.