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Pet Cremation Urns

Pet Cremation Urns

Treasure Box urns are most popular of what the normal urns offer. Treasure box urns offer a larger variety in terms of storing ashes as well as the last remains of the deceased that are to be remembered and stored. Treasure is the sense of the last remains of the deceased which is more valuable and concerned more precious of what had been with the deceased to place the memories in the absence of the one. Treasure box are found of mostly to store the remains of the pet or the things that belonged to the pet and are found very less compared to other urns for pets. There are lot of variety urns that include small sealing cremation urns for ashes with different pets usage like ash urn for dogs like pit bull, birds such as Owl urns. The dog lovers who wish to opt for an pet urn can move for https://www.gosdepot.com/urns/pet-cremation-urns.html. The urns are also represented in terms of respect of love towards the nation and symbolising the official bird emblem of United States and a true American who wish to engrave their urns with Native American Eagle on the Cremation urn which are considered to be a part of Native American Cremation Urn. The urns for pet are mostly of 10 cubic inch whether it might be a cat urn or a dog urn or any pet urn that you loved the most. You can find them in https://www.gosdepot.com/urns/keepsake-cremation-urns.html that measure ashes capacity to 10cu in pet urn. Treasure box urns for pets are made of different materials and composed mainly of Wooden or Metal of which also includes usage of resin in cremation urns for dogs or cat as the material is available from nature that are insoluble in water and flammable.

Grieving the Loss of Your Father

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Grieving the Loss of Your Father

Grieving the Loss of Your Father

A Family Hero has Passed away: Great Grieving the Loss of Your Father

A great quote by Bill Cosby as “Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope”. This quote is going to bring a smile at every one. Everyone has a father like selfless, strong, sensitive, loving and caring his kids. If losing a loving father is a sad situation in ever one’s life.

An Orphan Is an Orphan at Any Age

When dad passed away, no matter how old we are. The father death will come any time. Grief is absolutely our personal feeling, it is different from one to other. A child or youngster may feel mystify because his/her father passed away, who take’s care of the family. If your father expired in your young age, you may recollect your dad loss at various stages of your life. If your father died at adult age, you will miss his memories and presence at each passing mile stone.

At the age of young adult i.e, 20 years old, still you are living with your dad without independence life. At this situation your father’s death , your emotional loss, can not be controled yourself. Above 30 years, losing father has been hit hard and forcing you to deal with your own transience for the first time. At this situation, your career and family may restrict your capacity to grieve hurtfully.

Coping With Your Loss

How do you cope with a loss of father death? If you lose your father, you may feel high emotions for the week or months. Grief will be command that you step back and slow down in the work. So listen to your heart, mind and your body. Take your own time to come back from the sad situation and seek the support of others. Father death is a great and notable loss in everyone’s lifetime.

Honor Thy Father

At the funeral or dead body, get yourself energy and give honoring to him, but not mourning his loss. You may pass your dad intelligence and skills to others.

  • Teach your child as how love and care of your father was.
  • Prepare great food which is your father favorite and share with your friends and family members.
  • Play the music which is your father favorites and feel as presence with you.
  • Share your father great stories with your children, family members, friends and relatives.

Funeral Urns History

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Memorials Urns

Memorials Urns

History of Funeral and Cremation Memorials

Funeral urns are used to store cremation ashes safely for long period of time. Memorial urns have been used for many years to memorialize the loved ones death during and after funerals. In earlier days, funeral urns were available in molded shape. But now a days, memorial urns are available in different unique shapes and made of different meterials.

Funeral Urns History

Funeral urns were first used by Greeks in the ancients ages. They used traditional urns like lekythos and later years roman empires started using these urns. These memorial urns were displayed on their tombs and called a columbarium.

Funeral Urns Literary

Funeral urns had inspired several literary works over the centuries. In those, famous literary was John Keats’s classic “Ode to a Grecian Urn”. In 1658, another writer called Thomas Browne wrote similar themes about funeral urns in his Hydriotaphia or Urn Burial.

In private residences funeral urns were uncommon to see and urns are commonly buried in standard graves. Mini urns were used to share loved one ash to several relatives and friends. Now a days, biodegradable urns are used, which are nature friendly urns.

Suitable Funeral Urn

However funeral urns are suitable for memorializing a loved-one because these can be personalized. Memorial urns keep loved one’s memories for long period and alive for alonger period.

In 21st century, funeral urns are available in wide range of materials and unique styles. Cremation urns are made of wood, brass, material, bronze, marble, glass or ceramic. Depending on the requirement, choose the type of urn. For example, want to bury choose bronze or other metal urns, want to display at home select glass, wood or ceramic urns or want to place at outdoor buy marble urns.

Cremation Urn for Ashes

Cremation Urn for Ashes

Which Cremation Urn Should Buy for Loved One

Passed love one is a sad situations in every one life. So everyone wants to buy expensive casket or headstone. These are bit expensive to buy. But cremation urns for ashes are cheaper when compare with caskets and headstone.

Caskets and Headstones

Some funeral urns are available at hundreds or thousands of dollars less than caskets and headstones. Urns for ashes available in much number of attractive designs. Wooden and Brass urns are environment friendly cremation urns. Some memorial urns are comes with the option of to paste your loved one photo on the urn.

Ceramic and Marble Urns

In cremation urns market, ceramic urns are also available which appearance is like Faberge egg. These ceramic urns are in style and class. These urns are designed in bright color to get the class look. Marble urns are also one type of material urn. These are bit stronger when compare with all funeral urns. We can place this urn at headstone or in house. Marble urns available in earth tone colors like grey, pink and green.

Bronze Urns

When comes to bronze urns, these urns having artistic quality. Many of bronze urns are available with sculpture of Jesus or the angel on top of the urn. If we place these urn at your loved one headstone is a great place. With this everyone will be get attention while crossing cemetery.

Jewelry Urns

In the market, many types of urns are available like in key chains, jewelry, charms, bracelets and etc. Just fill your loved one cremation ashes and wear on you. It is also best thing to remember your loved one memory alive with you always.

Brass Urns

Cremation urns for ashes which are made with brass material also are good selection. Brass urns will store the cremation ashes safely for long period and these will keep remember your loved one memories alive with you always. It has been look like as décor item in home.

So be select suitable cremation urn which is suitable to your loved one’s personality.

Pet Memorial Urns

Pet Memorial Urns

Ways To Honor or Memorialize Your Pet

Now a day’s Americans people love pets so much like their family members. According to the survey of Humane Society, 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats are living with American families. This survey tells us how the pets are important in American families.

USA people take care their loving pets cremation time very seriously. Almost all Americans choose cremation process rather than pet burial. Pet cremation process is a final destination of your lovable pets, so make a great plan for those. Discuss the pet cremation with family members and finalize the process. We suggest here some ideas for making the best decision.

List of Ideas or Suggestions for Memorizing Your Pet

  • If your pet live long time, make one great estate planning with writing some presentation or poem in your will.
  • Take final decision on your pet cremation or final resting place whether in pet cemetery or a private memorial in your own house.
  • Purchase custom cremation urns or pet memorial urns. Think about your pet memories like how would like to remember your pet memories alive with you.
  • Select metal pet urns while choosing memorial urns. Better to select brass material urns to store your loving pet cremation ashes safely for long time.
  • Choose personalized urn like photo frame of your pet on urn or write some farewell words in depth about your pets.
  • Decorate a candle or lights in memories of your cherished pet.
  • Purchase a name plate and write your pet name and details like date of birth, date of death, photo frame and then hang it on the wall at your home or in garden.
  • Make a prayer on National Pet Memorial Day, this day will comes on every second Sunday in September month.
  • Keep your pet cremated ashes and install in chosen pet memorial urns then keep it any corner of your home or show case.
  • Pet memorial urns will keep remembering your cherished pet memories alive with you.

So make good decision while you preparing to celebrate your lovable pet final journey and make your pet rest in peace.

Choosing Cremation Urns

Choosing Cremation Urns

Guidelines to Choosing & Buying Cremation Urns

Cremation urn is a vase kind structure which holds cremated remains. Memorial urns have a long and respected history. The usage of cremation urns started around 4,000 years ago in some part of the world. Ancients civilizations used the urn to carry other goods and to mark the passing of loved one. Now a days, many families and friends are using cremation urns to personalize their departed ones memories. It can give comfort in grief and it provides everlasting memories to celebrate the life of those who left the earth to heaven.

Huge Variety of Urns Are Available For Purchase Through Online

Online shopping sites, urns are available in variety of styles, finishing and shapes. Traditional urns that are made of material such as brass, bronze, marble and ceramic, the choice of choosing urn by buyers is a big puzzle at times. Below are few points that may overcome while choosing urns to purchase through online.

Before choosing the cremation urn, first think about what you would like to do with the urn. For example, if the cremation ashes are to be scattered in sea, better to choose biodegradable urn. If you want to keep the cremated remains at home, better to buy brass or bronze made urns.

Types of Cremation Urns

Decorative Urns For Indoor Use

For indoor usage of cremation urns, better to go with metal urns which are made of brass, bronze or copper. These urns are available at affordable prices in online market. Marble, ceramic and cloisonne urns are also come under material urns.

Decorative Urns For Outdoor Use

When displaying urn, outside the residence permanently, need to choose decorative urn made of hard metals like bronze or brass.

Urns For Burial

Available memorial urns through online are used to bury only. To maintain non-biodegradable urns during burial, it is highly recommended that the urn be enclosed within a burial vault. If chosen biodegradable urn, it will break within one year of burial. It is one way of smoothly releasing the cremated remains into the earth.

Themed Urns

Want to remember deceased loved one through an urn that catches their love of golf or angling? If so, themed cremation urn must be appreciated.

Religious Urns

In people lives, religion and faith plays a key role. For those people, cremation urns are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Youth & Infant Urns

The death news of youth or infant can be hard to bear. Sympathetic memorial urns are specially designed to celebrate the life of a child, youth or infant many therefore can be suggested.

Display Cremation Urns

Display Cremation Urns

Guides To Display Cremation Urns At Home

A Personal Question

Many people rise a question whether Urns carrying Cremation ashes can be displayed at home or not. Of course, it is deeply concerned with the person or family. We can display funeral urns at home and here are our suggestions guide lines.

Options For Display Outside The Home

Some are uncomfortable to display their loved one cremation ashes in their home. For them, memorial urns industry is providing urns that can be displayed outside. These type of outside displayable urns are designed specially with permanently sealed concrete or stone wall. These urns are engraved and decorated with traditional headstones. But some outside displayable urns are made with glass material as visible.

Another memorial urn is a traditional grave. Most cemeteries are providing cremation ashes to their customers in standard-sized grave plots. We can make those plots beautiful and attractive with traditional headstones, statues and vases. Many families in USA select to bury multiple urns in one standard size plot.

Void Options to Display Inside The Home

Cremation urns are most precised things of art in every home. In the market, huge variety of cremation urns are available, those which fulfill your loved one personality. Traditional urns will give classic look that make beautiful family room.

Hobby urns are also available like motorcycling, fishing or baseball. Fill these with your loved one cremation and place them in a special room. This will give you many happy hours as leave with your loved one alive. Many people proudly display “motorcycle gas tank urn” in shelf in their house and instruct their family members as keep safe.

Options For Divided Households

Displaying cremation urns in home is unhealthy and uncomfortable for outsiders like relatives or friends who are not a part of family members. In this situation, we have options to keep the urns in our home. Buy keepsake urns which are in small size or pendants. These urns store small token amount of loved one’s cremation ashes and place these at unnoticeable areas like at bedroom dressers or at closest shelf. For outside cremation urns available in memorial rocks which are placed in rock garden.

One more option is, many memorial urns are available with beautiful sculpted works of art. These urns does not look like cremation urns to others.

Memorial Urns Ashes

Memorial Urns Ashes

How to Write a Eulogy, Funeral Poem

Best way to give away a meaningful final journey to your loved ones who was deceased, is by phrasing them, describing the nature and your thoughts in the form of a poem. Funeral poems are always a part of eulogies. If these poems are in ancient of Romans and Greeks languages is a good trace.

We can see the roots of funeral poetry in Propertius and Ovid, these poems are in elegiac style with couplet lines. With this help, we can write the funeral poem. Here are the best examples for funeral poem i.e, Callimachus poem, which is written in roman era. Callimachus has written them for her lover Lesbia. This funeral poem had his strong emotions of love on her and helplessness to express his personal feelings.

There are more funeral poems which were published and those can be read during the eulogy. But now a days, many people are choosing to prepare their own funeral poems due they would like to add personalized feelings of what they felt on the deceased. Own funeral poems express deep emotions on their loved one. This is an unique way to give great cremation part.

Here are some guidelines on how to write funeral poems.

Tips to Write a Funeral Poem

Writing funeral poems are bit hard to write. Which are raised from you bottom of the heart and moved on to present them on paper.

  • Before writing a funeral poem, take some time to brainstorm. First write some words in points wise like being together, happiest times and experiences. These points are references to your final preparation of funeral poems.

  • Start by using the words that your loved one popular express and Incorporate these with above points. This will be appreciated by common relationship between you and your loved one.

  • In the poem, highlight the achievements of the loved one. As it reflects the attitude of your loved one.

  • The loss of the deceased and pain of not having him anymore can be put in to show you the grief.

  • Don’t think about rhyming a poem and concentrate on your inner feelings only. If we follow rhyming scheme, we always change the words at the funeral.

After completion of the poem, read it yourself or make others read it and finalize the poem. Why because, it is a special gift that you are presenting to your cherished for one last time.

Adult Cremation Urn

Adult Cremation Urn

Guides to Bring Cremated Remains While Traveling

Losing a friend or a family member or loved one is heartbreaking in every one’s life. Sometimes situation demands the family members to travel with the cremated remains of loved one. At this time need to opt for special care of cremation ashes, which can be stored safely in the cremation urns. With the following procedures, we can travel without any problem.

Traveling With Cremated Remains By Road

If you are traveling in car, jeep, truck or two wheeler, need to take some precaution such as store the cremated remains or ashes in cremation urn or funeral urn. These urns must be made of hard material like brass, plastic, cloth or wood. If you bought an urn made with glass, granite or ceramic, it has the chances of getting damaged while driving. So better to opt the urn which is made of light weight material and carrying huge urns may be uncomfortable while traveling. Better to pack cremation urns for ashes safely in bubble cover to avoid damaging.

Traveling With Cremated Remains By Air

By traveling in Air with cremated remains, US country have set up some rules and guidelines by TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Rules on how to carry Urns in Air Bus are to be checked with Airport Security and they will describe the procedure and rules that are to be followed mean while at the checkpoint.

At the airport checkpoint, cremation urns are scanned by x-ray machines. So need to store the cremated remains in urns which are made of best material. Those material urns will show a clear vision in scanner machine to security guys and allows us to bring into airbus with cremation urns otherwise, they are stopped at the checkpoint only.

It is better to use urns which are made with wood, glass, plastic and non-lead lined ceramics. Don’t use non scan-able material. There is another option to bring cremation urn in checked baggage. If your baggage scanned at checkout point which include funeral urn. Once allowed by airport authorities, we can travel by air with cremation urns. Some airlines does not allow cremated remains in baggage, so need to confirm before purchasing ticket.

Shipping Cremated Remains

Some people are uncomfortable with cremated remains in traveling. For those who are not comfortable with cremation urns,they can use US postal services as means of transportation to the destination place were the cremations are to be sent or scattered. The US postal services ship the cremation urns to your desired destination. You can collect urns at the postal services also. But it must be done by registered postal service along with return receipt requested. When you are using this service, need to provide correct destination address and return address. While using shipping service, packing is essential. To avoid damage need to pack the cremation urns with two boxes bubble wrapped to avoid further damage.

In any traveling option, need to pack the cremated remains with best material urns and take suggestions from authorize people to bring cremation urns with you while traveling.

Pet Cremation Urns

Pet Cremation Urns

The Best Way To Take Care Of Pet Urn?

When your pet dies, it is one of the sad movement in your life. But you can happily remember your pet memories alive by choosing to cremate your pet, which can resemble the presences close to you after cremation. When choosing to hold the pet ashes in pet urn, you are supposed to take proper care. First clean the urn properly, maintain and secure the pet urn in order for it to last long and remain alive.

This process is not complicated. Obviously, for hygienic reasons, there are recommended techniques on how to take care a pet urn?. First and important, check proper seal is in place and with proper threading. If the sealing on the top lid is perfect then we can store our pet ashes safely for longer duration.

On regular basis, dusting the pet urn is necessary. Harsh cleaning may cause or lose of finishing, scratches or leaks. So keep brushing with appropriate instrument and avoid hard instruments for scratches or clean it with gentle or soft cloth and avoid using liquid bleaching.

Placing the pet urn at particular location were they cannot be reached by children. It is always reminds your pet memories, so keep the pet urn for display in main hall. It also looks like a decorative item. If kids are live in home, keep the pet urn at height to avoid damages to the urn and injuries to your children..

Following above best ways of cleaning and maintaining the pet urn, you will hold your pet urn full of ashes for longer time instead of short duration.