How To Choose The Right Cremation Urn

March 10th, 2014 | Posted in Adult Cremation Urns    

Cremation Urns, you can say, are the last memorial of our deceased loved ones. It is that sacred thing with us with which we can feel the emotions and presence of that precious person. As dealing with their cremation is the most difficult job but deciding and choosing the perfect cremation urn is almost as difficult as it is. One of the basic criteria which mostly the people follow is depending upon the size or weight of the deceased one. This is finding the right size of the URN. To find the right size of the urn is quite easy, e.g. a 200 pound individual will require a 200 cubic inch urn which means 1 cubic inch for every 1 pound. But this is related only to the size of the urn, and the selection does not stop here. Your urn selection depends upon many factors like of which material it will be of, what will be the color of the urn, the designs etc. ? it’s not only the individual`s decision, sometimes the whole family sits and decide.

There are many options available in materials of urns like wooden, bon china, ceramic, variety in the color options, the textures or patterns of urn. You have to think about the personality of the deceased, his or her likings, nature and many more aspects to consider. For example if a deceased is an aged person with quite nature, then his urn could be of ceramic material white or subtle colors and could have floral or some decent patterns on the urn. This selection process depends on individual to individual. Some even have many gems and other things engraved on it. People put lots and lots of love, emotions and memories while selecting this unique memorial of their loved ones.

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