Cremation Urns Types

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Cremation Urns Ashes

Cremation Urns Ashes Types

It is a great idea to use a cremation urn to collect the ashes of your loved one but the choice of urns may be perplexing at that time. Here is some help and a general idea about the types of cremation urns available and the choices you will have to make. First decision is based on what you plan to do with the remains after you collect them in an urn. You can use the biodegradable ones if you plan to offer them in the water to avoid water pollution. These cremation urns are made up of paper, clay, seashell or acorn etc. Using these environment friendly urns is good because the material is not foreign to the sea water.

If you are not looking for a temporary urn, you may choose cremation urns made up of other materials. The most stable cremation urns are made up of solid marble, granite, quartz, fossil, slate, alabaster, onyx etc. These urns are usually hand finished and remain good as the time passes. Cultured cremation urns are also a good option though they are made from synthetic materials and are available in different shapes and sizes.

Wood is one material considered good for cremation urns because they have a warm feel. They do require greater care compared to stone urns but can be customized better. Oak and walnut wood is usually used for making cremation urns. You can also have a photo frame on a wooden cremation urn.

Metal urns come in materials like bronze and brass. If you plan to bury the urn or to keep it outdoors, metal cremation urns are the best. They are not affected by the changing climatic conditions and do not rust. Another style of making cremation urns is called cloisonne in which enamel is used. A layer of enamel is applied by hand to a copper wire base and this gives the urn a special shine.

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