Pet Paw Prints Urns

Pet Paw Prints Urns

Making the Decision to Euthanize Your Loving Pet

Everyone have a loyal relationship with their special pet in the family. When going somewhere, everyone will take their puppy or pet and give a treat and love the pet like a family member. Of course pets are not human, but owner will take care of pet by providing food, shelter to live and keep them safe from situations.

This type of commitments will do arise in every family who love their pets. With much of love towards your pet, suddenly if the pet suffers from injuries or a decease. At this situation deciding to take more care towards the pet would make the pet more relief from pain and release the pain by soul leaving the body.

Recognizing When It’s Time to Consider Pet Euthanasia

The only reason for euthanizing a lovable pet is extreme illness or several injuries. Putting a pet “out of its misery” is a universally regarded as a humane thing to do. But it is not an easy decision.

When the pet owner is in sad situation? If the pet is not active, the reason may be the advancing age, fever or any injury. At this time, the pet need more care and attention from you or family members. If your pet got injury or illness that doesn’t cause intolerable pain to your loving pet. But this in-activeness of pet is affecting the quality life of the pet. Pets can’t talk and think to communicate like humans. So try to understand their feelings with the behavior of the pet.

How To Observe The Pet Affliction

We can understand the signs of pets, self asking questions like below to take the decision.

  • Is the pet actively enjoying or simply enduring existence?
  • Does the pet enjoy more good days when compare with bad days, or most days miserable for pet?
  • Is my pet refusing food and water?
  • What does the vet think?

In any difficult situations, take help of veterinary surgeon and follow their suggestions. If the pet is recovered from the in-activeness is good news. But if the loving pet dies it is a sad situation to digest. If your loved pet expires, think about the dispose of the pet remains. Make their memories alive with pet cremation memorial urns for ashes and give a great grief to your pet.

Pet Memorial Urn

Pet Memorial Urn

Losing pet is a most painful decision to pet owner because pets are very close to pet owner as well as family members. If the pet sudden dies will sure give a pain to everyone who had good attachment with that. It is a painful decision to pet owner about whether or when to euthanize a pet.

Every pet owner having the doubt as what we want to do with the pet dead body? This doubt leads to a hasty decision made at the height of painful emotion and the decision that one may later regret. Asking yourself about the pet remains.

Every pet owner wants to provide a great burial to their pet. Cremation for a pet is a final, fitting act of farewell. Choose service from home burial, pet cemetery burial, or cremation through a pet crematory. Here is some closer look at these options:

Home Burial of Your Pet

Many pet owners bury a pet at their owned house because it will keep closure to them always. At the burial place, they will plant a tree, grave marker or a statue. These will keep their memories alive with you always at home.

But if have some problems like if the house is rented, no place to bury, any health hazards or some cities are prohibited this options.

Pet Cremation

If home burial option is not possible, try with pet cremation urns. Burial the pet at private funeral services, collect the cremated remains and fill that cremation ashes in to cremation urns then place at your home. It will look like a decorative item also. It will always keep remembering their memories alive with you when saw that cremation urn.

Pet Cemetery Burial

If not interested in above options, go with pet cemeteries nearby your home or city. The cemetery service people collect your pet and make arrangements for a complete funeral of your pet.

It’s the Spirit, Not the Body – The Final Farewell

Some pet owners strongly decide to give best resting place to a pet’s body, others decide only store the ashes in containers or urns.

A Family Decision – The Final Farewell

Before you going to take a decision about pet disposes, take the decision and feelings for your family members. Then make your pet final farewell greatly.
Pet Cremation Urns

Pet Cremation Urns

Treasure Box urns are most popular of what the normal urns offer. Treasure box urns offer a larger variety in terms of storing ashes as well as the last remains of the deceased that are to be remembered and stored. Treasure is the sense of the last remains of the deceased which is more valuable and concerned more precious of what had been with the deceased to place the memories in the absence of the one. Treasure box are found of mostly to store the remains of the pet or the things that belonged to the pet and are found very less compared to other urns for pets. There are lot of variety urns that include small sealing cremation urns for ashes with different pets usage like ash urn for dogs like pit bull, birds such as Owl urns. The dog lovers who wish to opt for an pet urn can move for The urns are also represented in terms of respect of love towards the nation and symbolising the official bird emblem of United States and a true American who wish to engrave their urns with Native American Eagle on the Cremation urn which are considered to be a part of Native American Cremation Urn. The urns for pet are mostly of 10 cubic inch whether it might be a cat urn or a dog urn or any pet urn that you loved the most. You can find them in that measure ashes capacity to 10cu in pet urn. Treasure box urns for pets are made of different materials and composed mainly of Wooden or Metal of which also includes usage of resin in cremation urns for dogs or cat as the material is available from nature that are insoluble in water and flammable.

Pet Memorial Urns

Pet Memorial Urns

Ways To Honor or Memorialize Your Pet

Now a day’s Americans people love pets so much like their family members. According to the survey of Humane Society, 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats are living with American families. This survey tells us how the pets are important in American families.

USA people take care their loving pets cremation time very seriously. Almost all Americans choose cremation process rather than pet burial. Pet cremation process is a final destination of your lovable pets, so make a great plan for those. Discuss the pet cremation with family members and finalize the process. We suggest here some ideas for making the best decision.

List of Ideas or Suggestions for Memorizing Your Pet

  • If your pet live long time, make one great estate planning with writing some presentation or poem in your will.
  • Take final decision on your pet cremation or final resting place whether in pet cemetery or a private memorial in your own house.
  • Purchase custom cremation urns or pet memorial urns. Think about your pet memories like how would like to remember your pet memories alive with you.
  • Select metal pet urns while choosing memorial urns. Better to select brass material urns to store your loving pet cremation ashes safely for long time.
  • Choose personalized urn like photo frame of your pet on urn or write some farewell words in depth about your pets.
  • Decorate a candle or lights in memories of your cherished pet.
  • Purchase a name plate and write your pet name and details like date of birth, date of death, photo frame and then hang it on the wall at your home or in garden.
  • Make a prayer on National Pet Memorial Day, this day will comes on every second Sunday in September month.
  • Keep your pet cremated ashes and install in chosen pet memorial urns then keep it any corner of your home or show case.
  • Pet memorial urns will keep remembering your cherished pet memories alive with you.

So make good decision while you preparing to celebrate your lovable pet final journey and make your pet rest in peace.

Pet Cremation Urns

Pet Cremation Urns

The Best Way To Take Care Of Pet Urn?

When your pet dies, it is one of the sad movement in your life. But you can happily remember your pet memories alive by choosing to cremate your pet, which can resemble the presences close to you after cremation. When choosing to hold the pet ashes in pet urn, you are supposed to take proper care. First clean the urn properly, maintain and secure the pet urn in order for it to last long and remain alive.

This process is not complicated. Obviously, for hygienic reasons, there are recommended techniques on how to take care a pet urn?. First and important, check proper seal is in place and with proper threading. If the sealing on the top lid is perfect then we can store our pet ashes safely for longer duration.

On regular basis, dusting the pet urn is necessary. Harsh cleaning may cause or lose of finishing, scratches or leaks. So keep brushing with appropriate instrument and avoid hard instruments for scratches or clean it with gentle or soft cloth and avoid using liquid bleaching.

Placing the pet urn at particular location were they cannot be reached by children. It is always reminds your pet memories, so keep the pet urn for display in main hall. It also looks like a decorative item. If kids are live in home, keep the pet urn at height to avoid damages to the urn and injuries to your children..

Following above best ways of cleaning and maintaining the pet urn, you will hold your pet urn full of ashes for longer time instead of short duration.

Pet Urns

Pet Urns

Easiest Ways to Take Care of Pet Urns

It is a sad situation when our pet loss. But we can stay close to your lose pet forever with pet urns. This is a best grieving process and this process help many families with the stages of acceptance. When choosing to hold your pet cremated ashes in pet urn, we need take care of the pet memorial urn should be consider. Before installing the pet ashes, don’t forget to clean the urn with cloth and then maintain the pet funeral urn in order to maintain long time.

How to Hold the Ash in Pet Urns

Holding the ash process in pet funeral urns is not a complicated. This process is always recommended ways for taking care of your pet memories. First step is ensure that a proper seal is in place or not. This is the most important step when storing the pet ash in pet urn. Some pet urn brands are designed with seals, but if you selected urn is not had seal we can use high quality glue to seal the top lid.

How to Clean Pet Urns

Cleaning the dust on urn is necessary on regular period. Clean the pet urn with dry cloth. Harsh or forceful cleaning may cause leaks or cratches on urn or if any design on urn it will be vanish. So be careful while cleaning the pet urn. The best way to clean the urn is polishing or uses some chemical applicants which are available in market or soapy water to clean smoothly. But don’t use the bleach to clean the urn.

Where to Place the Pet Urns

After install your pet cremated ash, placing the urn is also important because it must remember your pet memories alive always when you saw the pet urn. So better to keep the pet urn at showcase or display racks in your hall. It must be without risk of accidentally knocking to crack the urn. And it can be use as a decorative item also. So make plan to place pet urn.

The Emotions of Pet Loss

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The Emotions of Pet Loss

The Emotions of Pet Loss

If you own a pet, you would know what that ‘pet’, be it cat or a dog, means to you. For many of us, a pet is like one of the family members. We treat our pet just the way we would treat anybody else. We love, adore and live with them.

It is only natural that a sudden loss of a pet would have a devastating effect on us. The surge of emotions may be overwhelming and we might just sink into a bottomless pit of anger, confusion, grief, denial, depression, guilt and suffering. These catastrophic emotions of pet loss might seem to last forever.

However, take comfort in the fact that these things are a part of our existence. Nobody is here forever, and before we know it we will be gone.

On a brighter note, we can cherish and re-build what we are left with and make the most of our time here. One might say that it is easier said than done, but trust me, time heals everything. The tides of time will slowly erode the treacherous banks of grief.

Instead of dwelling in the past, why not memorialize your beloved pet? A poignant way of doing this would be storing the cremains of your pet in cremation urns. If you take my opinion, there is not a better way of paying tribute to your pet’s life.

Cremation urns come in various shapes and sizes. There are even urns specifically designed for pets. Try searching for one online, there are a lot of varieties you will find. Nevertheless, not every urn might suit your pet. Select one that goes with the charisma of your much loved pet.

Once you buy one, keep it at a place that’s close to you. You would be surprised as to how much joy and warmth it will bring to your heart every day.

Essentials of Pet Funeral and Cremation

Essentials of Pet Funeral and Cremation

The deep grief of pet lovers over the loss of their much loved pets is understandable. It is always better to be aware of the pet funeral and cremation processes that will help you when the situation arises.

You can think of the following options available.

Bury your pet on your own property. Many owners find relief in burying their beloved companion nearby and some choose to bury the pet’s body in their own garden.

Bury your pet at a pet cemetery

You can also think of cremating your pet at the crematorium

A lot of people choose pet cremation services these days. It’s your duty to choose the best option available for your pet’s final body care! So approach a pet cremation service nearby and get an idea of the services being offered. You can choose the one that suits your needs and give a dignified farewell to your loved pet!

If you choose cremating your pet at the crematorium, you can choose from the 3 common types of pet cremation.

Communal Cremation: This is a group cremation in which animals are cremated together and the cremains are disposed off according to the local regulations.

Private Cremation: In this cremation even though 2-3 animals are cremated together they are kept apart adequately. So your pet’s remains won’t get mixed up with other remains.

Priority Cremation: Individual pet is cremated separately. This is a bit expensive option.

Once the cremation process is complete, you can collect the remains of your pet in an urn and keep it safe in the fond memory of your beloved companion.

Choosing A Pet Urn

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Choosing A Pet Urn

Choosing A Pet Urn

Getting over a beloved pet’s death takes time. In those hard times, a pet urn can help you through the pain by being there, reminding you of your little loved one.

Usually, the container given by the cremation companies are temporary. Sooner or later, one has to start looking for a suitable urn to rest your pet’s ashes.

Here are five things that you need to keep in mind:

1. Material: Pet urns are made of different types of materials. If you are looking to keep the urn for a long time, a metal urn would be a good choice.

2. Size: Yes, size does matter. If you want to display the urn in your living room then a reasonably sized urn would do the trick. However, if you want it to be discreet and personal, a small sized urn maybe a better fit for you.

3. Design: Do you want the urn to match your living room? Do you want a classic or a more contemporary looking urn? These are the questions you should ask yourself.

4. Budget: Budget could be one of the deciding factors in choosing the right pet urn. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford an expensive pet urn. There are still reasonably priced urns that look great.

5. Family Opinions: A pet is like a family member. Involve your family and take their opinion while deciding on the urn. The process of making a collective decision with the family will not only create stronger bonding, but also help you share your grief, and find comfort in each other.

These are some of the crucial things you must keep in mind. A pet urn is symbolic of the relationship you and your family had with the pet. Let your urn be special and memorable.

Pet Cremation Urns

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Pet Cremation Urns

Pet Cremation Urns


Just like human beings, pets too have a loving heart, emotions, likes, and dislikes …all human qualities. They are not just animals; they are our companions in distress and loneliness. Pets keep us stress-free and away from number of life-threatening diseases. They deserve nothing but so much of love and care.

Pet Cremation Urns

After spending a joyful time with their beloved pet, it is heartbreaking for animal lovers to meet a situation such as cremation of their favorite pets. However, the burial of your darling pet could be satisfactory if all the happy memories of your pet would be alive. Whether the furry soul is a cat, a dog or any other animal, you can find a wide range of pet cremation urns to make the bond between you and your pet. For example: Dog Urns, Cat Urns, Figurine Pet Urns, Pet Cremation Jewelry, etc.

Pet Funeral Urns

You can feel the presence of your beloved pet long after its demise by buying pet funeral urns. If there is no pet funeral urns outlet nearby, go for online shop. An extensive range of pet funeral urns such as Pet Caskets, Pet Engraved Plaques, Pet Garden Memorials, etc. await you there.

Pet Memorial Urns

If you love your pet so much, you can honor the feline friend by making some pet memorial urns. You can use nose print or paw print, cremation ashes of your own pet to make pet memorial urns. Keep the memories of your lovely pet alive in form of Pet Urn Keepsakes, Pet Nose print jewelry, Paw print Jewelry, Cremation ashes key chain, etc.

Indoor Urns

You can find both pet outdoor urns and pet indoor urns. Pet indoor urns include: pet memorial jewelries, key chains, photo frames, etc. These indoor urns come in different varieties. They may be of wood, metal, stone or ceramic. Choice is yours.