Awareness Memorial Urns

March 10th, 2014 | Posted in Adult Cremation Urns    

As we know with the change in our lifestyles, the memorial industry has given a rise of a new trend called CREMATION URNS or memorial urns. Instead of following the old funeral traditions, whatever you may say about the reason behind it like lack of space, money etc., we have started following the cremation rituals and have started the preserving the precious memories of our loved ones in the urns. Today, this has taken a further step that is in the form of AWARENESS MEMORIAL URNS.

Awareness memorial urns are the urns in the honor of the memory of your loved ones who died due to some particular reason or disease and we want to bring that awareness among others about that disease or reason. Like this there are many urns available with ribbon designs on them. They could be pink, silver, tea light etc. in color symbolizing that lady is dead of breast cancer. With this you could honor the memories of that lady as well as you could let people know about this disease. You could aware people about this disease so that they could know about the disease. This may help at least one or two to be aware and get the proper cure at the right stage.

In this way, the death on the loved one could bring such a wonderful meaning and could atleast save one`s life. These awareness memorial urns will soon be a new trend to bring awareness among people in many ways also. It is just a thought that there could be patriotism based urns to make people aware about the sacrifice of the soldiers. These urns will help the young ones in the family to grow with some morals and values in their lives.

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