Preparing a funeral or memorial service is a great gift to love one. If you are planning a memorial service for a close friend, relatives or family member, your efforts are great gifts not only to the deceased. Many people are planning to give gift as personalized funeral and memorial service to their loved one. If you are planning memorial service in religious that include religious prayers and rituals required by your faith tradition in funeral service.

Funeral or Memorial Service?

First decide whether it will be a funeral or memorial service? The main difference between funeral and memorial is, funeral will be conduct with dead body present. It is most expensive compared with memorial. Funeral service requires funeral directors and use of funeral home facilities.

Memorial services are conducted without the dead body. This service can take place anywhere at any time – soon after the death, weeks or months later. Give some time to conduct memorial services that allow friends and relatives to make travel arrangements to attend the service.

Choose a Location

Maximum funerals are conducted in funeral homes, directors or in church. But now funeral homes are growing in popularity and also funeral directors also providing their services to funeral homes. Like this, memorial service is also same. Select place anywhere like funeral home, church, nearby park, beach or other setting that has importance for the deceased and the family.

Make It Meaningful

Everyone has their own creativity or imagination to conduct the memorial service. Every thought must be unique to make the memorial successful. The thoughts may be selecting songs, decorate memorial walls, arrange the tables, display photographs, video clips that must be tell about your loved one life history.

Music is a most important part in memorial service. Give a chance to relatives to speech some words about his/her relationship with loved one. Now a days, many people are giving cremation urns with cremated ashes as gift for loved one remembrance. Most important and compulsory thing is prayer.

Feed the Hungry

In every religion and culture have tradition to share the food as part of their bereavement rituals. Serving the food is great culture to people who attend memorial service. Depending on where you live or worship, feed the hungry may be tradition for people in church or neighborhood to bring food to share. Serving food with little alcohol can help relieve tensions. But it must be in limited quantity.

Understanding Funeral Costs

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Understanding Funeral Costs

Understanding Funeral Costs

According to the National Funeral Directors Association (FTC) calculations, America is spending 2.5 million dollars on funeral services. In 2004, a traditional funeral cost was $6,500 on average. But today’s the cost of many top funerals $10,000 or more. In fact, a funeral service is one of the biggest purchases some of the people who will ever make.

Some people are very careful in funeral shopping for goods and services. Many people wouldn’t consider buying a car or home appliances without knowing the features of the product, but comes to funeral decision are made within hour or days when loved one passed away.

The best way to avoid unnecessary expenses on funeral services, make an advance decision if needed. If no time to pre-planning for funerals, we can reduce expenses learning more about funeral services and products before start purchasing.

Funeral Director’s Basic Service Fee

Know the funeral directors service fees and packages information. Different directors have different service fees. They include services may or may not like housing the body, planning the cremation and coordinating the funeral arrangements. Check those services.


Caskets are expensive funeral product in funeral service because available in different styles and materials used. Casket price range between $1,000 and $10,000. So be careful while purchasing casket.

Optional Services

Dome funeral directors provides optional services like car for final journey, live telecast in internet or transportation for family members. It’s extra cost to the funeral.

Outside Services

Its means, providing funeral flowers, obituary notices, clergy, and organists or soloists. Directors charge extra amount for these.

Cemetery or Mausoleum or Cremation Urns

The final resting place, it may be a cemetery plot which are burial in-ground. Some people keep the cremated remains in cremation urns to remember their loved one memories alive with them. Memorial urns may keep in house at any corner or at shelf.

Finding Comfort in Prayer

Grief is cruel and apparently incessant. If you are grieving to loved one’s death, no one will instruct you to emerge from your grief, healed and refreshed, whether it might be 6 weeks or 6 months or a year long. Your sadness may not be constant however – it will ebb and flow.

Everyone will have different styles to show their grief in natural. Some people cry out when feel alone, some people talk to others, some cry until the tears dry. But many people prefer praying about loved one. Go to church every week or when you have free time.

Dispelling Myths About Prayer

Prayer is not a formal, longer or eloquent. It is a simple conversation with believed god. Many people pray in the church, but we can pray at home, office, work, walk through a park, on road and etc. it’s doesn’t matter whether stand, sit, lying on bed or kneel to pray. We can pray at any time day and night with single or with group, silently or loudly. At last prayer requires honesty from heart.

Before going for a pray, think god as your friend. How conversation stands between you and your close friend? Feel like that and pray for the god. Believe in god and god will help in sorrow time.

How to Pray

If you believe in prayer, it is easy to turn the god blessings to your side. The thoughts and feelings must come from heart to reach the god.

Pray For God’s Presence

As per the believers, god is everywhere so feel god’s presence at you then take a deep breath and pray for the god.

Pray Your Sadness

God knows everything about you, so talk to god regarding your loneliness, happiness, sadness, emptiness and hopelessness.

Pray to Let Go

Sometimes people hold onto their grief on their loved one expires. At this time, loss their relation with loved one who died. So pray for god to give courage that holds you back from healing.

So pray to the god for their loved ones who passed away.