The Emotions of Pet Loss

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The Emotions of Pet Loss

The Emotions of Pet Loss

If you own a pet, you would know what that ‘pet’, be it cat or a dog, means to you. For many of us, a pet is like one of the family members. We treat our pet just the way we would treat anybody else. We love, adore and live with them.

It is only natural that a sudden loss of a pet would have a devastating effect on us. The surge of emotions may be overwhelming and we might just sink into a bottomless pit of anger, confusion, grief, denial, depression, guilt and suffering. These catastrophic emotions of pet loss might seem to last forever.

However, take comfort in the fact that these things are a part of our existence. Nobody is here forever, and before we know it we will be gone.

On a brighter note, we can cherish and re-build what we are left with and make the most of our time here. One might say that it is easier said than done, but trust me, time heals everything. The tides of time will slowly erode the treacherous banks of grief.

Instead of dwelling in the past, why not memorialize your beloved pet? A poignant way of doing this would be storing the cremains of your pet in cremation urns. If you take my opinion, there is not a better way of paying tribute to your pet’s life.

Cremation urns come in various shapes and sizes. There are even urns specifically designed for pets. Try searching for one online, there are a lot of varieties you will find. Nevertheless, not every urn might suit your pet. Select one that goes with the charisma of your much loved pet.

Once you buy one, keep it at a place that’s close to you. You would be surprised as to how much joy and warmth it will bring to your heart every day.

What is the Use of Cremation Urns

Use of Cremation Urns

Ever wondered why people prefer to be cremated these days? Cremation is an alternative way of disposing of a dead body. Although burial has been a traditional practice for generations, cremation is slowly gaining popularity.

Interestingly, as per a research, it was found that cremation dates back to the Stone Age. However, not every religion and culture is receptive and accepting of cremation. In some religions, it is still strictly prohibited.

The rapid growth of cremation is accorded to the fact that a cremation costs lesser than a traditional burial. In the US, over 39% of the population is known to have been cremated every year.

It is worth noting that cost is not the only factor that has led to the acceptance of the idea of cremation. Sentiments also play a vital role. People store the ashes of the departed in beautiful looking cremation urns and hold on to it for the rest of their lives.

The main use of cremation urns is that they are a way of expressing love and respect for the beloved departed. Some families even have an age old tradition when it comes to keeping urns.

Cremation urns use is not just restricted to human beings. People keep the remains of even pets in urns. After all, for some of us pets are an integral part of the family. There are many varieties of cremation urns available in the market. They are made of wood, glass, marble or metal. The prices also vary depending on the style, material and size. The easiest way of getting one is on the internet.

Cremation urns are also used to decorate a house by putting it on display in the living room or outdoors. Urns are a very solemn way of showing our love and devotion to your loved one. Perhaps, you should get one.

Essentials of Pet Funeral and Cremation

Essentials of Pet Funeral and Cremation

The deep grief of pet lovers over the loss of their much loved pets is understandable. It is always better to be aware of the pet funeral and cremation processes that will help you when the situation arises.

You can think of the following options available.

Bury your pet on your own property. Many owners find relief in burying their beloved companion nearby and some choose to bury the pet’s body in their own garden.

Bury your pet at a pet cemetery

You can also think of cremating your pet at the crematorium

A lot of people choose pet cremation services these days. It’s your duty to choose the best option available for your pet’s final body care! So approach a pet cremation service nearby and get an idea of the services being offered. You can choose the one that suits your needs and give a dignified farewell to your loved pet!

If you choose cremating your pet at the crematorium, you can choose from the 3 common types of pet cremation.

Communal Cremation: This is a group cremation in which animals are cremated together and the cremains are disposed off according to the local regulations.

Private Cremation: In this cremation even though 2-3 animals are cremated together they are kept apart adequately. So your pet’s remains won’t get mixed up with other remains.

Priority Cremation: Individual pet is cremated separately. This is a bit expensive option.

Once the cremation process is complete, you can collect the remains of your pet in an urn and keep it safe in the fond memory of your beloved companion.

Choosing A Pet Urn

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Choosing A Pet Urn

Choosing A Pet Urn

Getting over a beloved pet’s death takes time. In those hard times, a pet urn can help you through the pain by being there, reminding you of your little loved one.

Usually, the container given by the cremation companies are temporary. Sooner or later, one has to start looking for a suitable urn to rest your pet’s ashes.

Here are five things that you need to keep in mind:

1. Material: Pet urns are made of different types of materials. If you are looking to keep the urn for a long time, a metal urn would be a good choice.

2. Size: Yes, size does matter. If you want to display the urn in your living room then a reasonably sized urn would do the trick. However, if you want it to be discreet and personal, a small sized urn maybe a better fit for you.

3. Design: Do you want the urn to match your living room? Do you want a classic or a more contemporary looking urn? These are the questions you should ask yourself.

4. Budget: Budget could be one of the deciding factors in choosing the right pet urn. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford an expensive pet urn. There are still reasonably priced urns that look great.

5. Family Opinions: A pet is like a family member. Involve your family and take their opinion while deciding on the urn. The process of making a collective decision with the family will not only create stronger bonding, but also help you share your grief, and find comfort in each other.

These are some of the crucial things you must keep in mind. A pet urn is symbolic of the relationship you and your family had with the pet. Let your urn be special and memorable.

Funeral traditions are observed in almost every culture and religion. Personal beliefs and religion determine the way a person’s funeral is conducted. Although, the methods may be different, but the underlying principle remains the same. Funeral is a way of expressing our last goodbye to the departed.

Research suggests that funeral ceremonies were practiced even before Homo Sapiens or human beings formed modern civilizations. Over the years, this practice has taken shape in different forms and is deeply rooted in every culture.

In India, once a person dies, he or she is cremated. The act of cremation is preceded by an elaborate set of rites and rituals. Hindus believe that once the body is burnt, the soul is released from this mortal world. A lot of Hindus store the cremains in cremation urns and scatter the ashes at holy places.

In the western world, the dead body is embalmed and put on display in a coffin for visitation. During this period, friends and family visit to pay their last respect. Prayers are offered, hymns sung along with a touching eulogy by a close member of the family. After that, the deceased is taking for burial.

In Islamic culture, the deceased person’s body is cleansed and prepared for burial, as soon as its possible. Community members gather and offer prayers for forgiveness. Only men are allowed to attend the burial service. A three day mourning period is observed in honor of the deceased.

Tibetans have a unique way of disposing of the dead. Interestingly, they believe in a sky burial for the deceased. The dead body is placed in a sitting position for 24 hours and prayers are chanted by a Lama. Once the prayer ceremony is over, they offer the dead body to the vultures.

While death is a common leveler, its aftermath is both celebrated and mourned in every culture, no matter whether the deceased is buried or cremated.

However, in the recent years more and more people are going for cremation. The ashes then are stored in beautiful cremation urns, symbolizing a mark of respect for the departed.

Cremation Urns For Daughters

Cremation Urns For Daughters

Daughters are special. They are a lifetime source of joy and comfort. Daughters are the light shining in the eyes of fathers and the key to their mother’s heart. Someone has aptly said, “A son is a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter stays a daughter for the rest of her life.

That being said, life isn’t fair sometimes. Some of us pass on untimely. A lot of us go through the grief of losing someone close, sometimes our own daughter. The pain of such tragedies cannot be merely expressed in words.

We console our grieving heart by cherishing and storing things that she liked or possessed. Some of us would even preserve the cremains as a way of expressing everlasting love.

Cremation urns for daughters come in handy for those who have decided to store the ashes after cremation. If you ask me, it is really an unusual and touching way of paying tribute to the life of one’s daughter. Cremation urns for daughters are very unique . They look adorable and have a touch of femininity. They can be further personalized to suit one’s personal preferences so that it represents your daughter’s life.

Cremation urns can be placed either inside or outside the house. They can be customized to better fit the decor of the house. Once placed at an appropriate place, it will serve to constantly remind you of her wondrous life. Even if she is gone, a part of her will always be with you in the form of that graceful urn.

Cremation urns are a very personal way of paying homage to your daughter. Make sure that the urn you choose stays true to your daughter’s soul.

Religion and culture are deeply intertwined. Every culture in the world has a particular faith or belief that they stand by. Religion seems to give us an identity but death levels us all.

People all around the world honor their dead and give them a somber farewell. Funeral traditions are observed by everyone irrespective of race or religion. There are many cultures who believe in cremating their departed ones . On the contrary, there are some cultures in which cremation is still a taboo.

Religious cremation urns are an integral part of funeral traditions among the ones who cremate their dead. The use of religious urns is rooted in the belief that they will bring peace to the soul of the person who has passed on.

A common feature of religious cremation urns is that they have angels engraved or painted on them. Angels represent protection, purity, goodness and wisdom and that are believed to provide solace to the bereaved.

Religious cremation urns may also include symbols and scriptures derived from religion. Some common but very representative symbols are:

1. Cross: A Christian symbol that represents Jesus Christ.

2. Om: A Hindu symbol that exemplifies the unification of mind, body and soul.

3. Star of David: Typical to Judaism and a symbol of unity and spirituality.

4. Chai: Hebrew word that highlights the value of life.

5. Dove: Also symbolic of love and peace, dove represents the Holy Spirit.

It is believed that cremation encourages the bereaved to accept the death of his loved one, sooner. This in turn helps in recovering and healing from the loss. In addition, the presence of a cremation urn in bereaved life gives joy, hope, support and strength to carry on with life.

Keeping Memories Alive with Cremation Urns

Keeping Memories Alive with Cremation Urns

Death is an inevitable phenomenon that we all have to face some day in our lives. If we think about our own death or of our loved ones, it is quite emotional. We want to remain alive in memories of our loved ones even after we are no more around them. This is possible in many ways like using their stuff, doing the things that they always told you to do, having a picture of them etc. It feels good to keep something with you that belonged to them.

When the body is cremated, some relative or friend is allowed to keep the remains of the deceased with him or her. There are many things one can do with the remains. If you believe in the letting go theory, you may want to offer the remains back to nature from which the body was actually build up. You can get jewelry made out of the ashes and keep it close to yourself at all times. There are other decorative items also that can be made out of the ashes which you can carry along with yourself or keep at a corner in your home.

Cremation urns are the most popular and convenient options to store the remains of your loved ones. You may not have graves to grieve on but you can have a small urn that reminds you of your loved one and give you the necessary support when you need it. Cremation urns come in many different shapes, sizes and materials giving you a lot of options to choose from. You can have a special place for them in your home and can also carry them with you whenever you move. Many times, people choose their cremation urns before their death. You can also customize the urns to suit your requirements.

There are different methods people choose to grieve for the loss of a loved one. Death is inevitable and yet often unexpected. It is not possible to let go of the feelings and memories keep coming back to you repeatedly. A personalized memorial space in your home can help you ease the pain. Creating a memorial space in your home will let you move it when you require. You may want to keep the urn inside at some out of the way location like a cupboard or a chest. You can also keep it out in the open for others to see it and pay their regards.

The best part of creating a memorial space at home is that you can personalize it as you want. It can be a book shelf, a corner shelf, one wall of your living room or an entire spare room that can be used for creating a memorial space. Family members sometimes do not vacate the room in which the departed soul once lived. They keep all their belongings intact and decorate it with things that they loved. If it is a baby who expired, you may want to decorate the place with toys and baby clothes etc.

No matter how big or small your memorial space it, make sure that it gives you the privacy to grieve once in a while. There are different types of cremation urns and you can select a decorative one to match the decor you have in mind for the memorial space. You can also have it custom made with your choice of design, color and material. Other than an urn, you can keep pictures of happy times with the person in the room. This is important because it may help you come out feeling better and grateful.

Pet Cremation Urns

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Pet Cremation Urns

Pet Cremation Urns


Just like human beings, pets too have a loving heart, emotions, likes, and dislikes …all human qualities. They are not just animals; they are our companions in distress and loneliness. Pets keep us stress-free and away from number of life-threatening diseases. They deserve nothing but so much of love and care.

Pet Cremation Urns

After spending a joyful time with their beloved pet, it is heartbreaking for animal lovers to meet a situation such as cremation of their favorite pets. However, the burial of your darling pet could be satisfactory if all the happy memories of your pet would be alive. Whether the furry soul is a cat, a dog or any other animal, you can find a wide range of pet cremation urns to make the bond between you and your pet. For example: Dog Urns, Cat Urns, Figurine Pet Urns, Pet Cremation Jewelry, etc.

Pet Funeral Urns

You can feel the presence of your beloved pet long after its demise by buying pet funeral urns. If there is no pet funeral urns outlet nearby, go for online shop. An extensive range of pet funeral urns such as Pet Caskets, Pet Engraved Plaques, Pet Garden Memorials, etc. await you there.

Pet Memorial Urns

If you love your pet so much, you can honor the feline friend by making some pet memorial urns. You can use nose print or paw print, cremation ashes of your own pet to make pet memorial urns. Keep the memories of your lovely pet alive in form of Pet Urn Keepsakes, Pet Nose print jewelry, Paw print Jewelry, Cremation ashes key chain, etc.

Indoor Urns

You can find both pet outdoor urns and pet indoor urns. Pet indoor urns include: pet memorial jewelries, key chains, photo frames, etc. These indoor urns come in different varieties. They may be of wood, metal, stone or ceramic. Choice is yours.